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The steps to getting in the driver’s seat for the big gray dog. —I know I used the term “unsteady and unconsistant,” but you try saying unsteady and INconsistant 5 x fast! — ———————————————————– Special thanks to the people who hired me, trained me, and let me try this. Thanks also to my passengers, if you rode in a bus I was the driver of!

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  1. yukSchmuck Says:

    Yup. I remember one like that. I had literally just hit the pillow around 11 pm- hadn’t slept all day to refresh from my last run- ” and the call came. It was a super tough one. SEA to St. Regis, MT.
    There was actually an avalanche on 90 and chains required for portions.
    I was lucky to have a senior driver around to help, until Spokane. At Spokane, I refreshed with a self-heating military MRE, and drove until morning. I was/ passengers were – very lucky nothing happened.

  2. SlickLizard62 Says:

    I was a Greyhound driver back in the mid to late 90′s. We went to Richmond, VA for 6 weeks training then back home for 3 more. If you’re single without young kids or a spouse, it’s better than driving a truck. Like yuk said, you start on the extra board, meaning you’re on call 24/7/365 and you never know exactly when you’re going to be called for a run. Just when it seems like you’re not going to be called until morning and go to bed, the phone rings and you gotta go to work.

  3. yukSchmuck Says:


    But I never had a motion sick passenger.

  4. ie210 Says:

    eeewwww! that must suck especially because you’re the one who’s gonna clean that up!

  5. yukSchmuck Says:


    Thank you for reminding me why never to even reconsider going back.

  6. jackson6963 Says:

    If you like to be treated like a 3ed grader moron go to Greyhound. Their busses are filthy unsafe junk and shouldent even be on the road. Trust me there is nothing glamerous about this job.

  7. jackson6963 Says:

    I went to the Greyhound training school in Reno Nevada. I have a very low tolerance for Bull@#$%. None of the busses would pass a D.O.T. pre trip inspection, ie Air Leaks etc.. They have a plexiglass cage that surrounds the driver, at railroad crossings you are to turn off all blowers and fans, open the window, and put the bus in neutral before proceding across the tracks. When out of the bus you must put on your glow in the dark vest. When you sit in the driver seat you must put on the seat bel

  8. yukSchmuck Says:


    This is why I don’t personally travel by bus, but train instead.

  9. yukSchmuck Says:


    Yeah, I wish bus travel could be like that here, but it’s not going to happen. They do have new buses in some regions, with wifi, and more legroom though.

  10. yukSchmuck Says:


    I don’t think you’ll ever see bus travel here like it is in other countries. Many other places have it just like you said–it’s like an airline on the ground. But, Greyhound has been in turmoil for a long time, and is not the original Greyhound, having been purchased by First Group. They don’t even provide litter bags anymore! They used to, which is why there are two pegs at every seat. They were handy if you started to feel motion sick!!!!

  11. TennesseeMX Says:

    box lunch, self service cafeteria, free internet, cel phone chargers and good costumer service, you can choose your seat, several frecuencies…. and the crappy greyhound: junk buses, terrible costumer service mostly, rude drivers, a dirty “toilette”…

  12. TennesseeMX Says:

    How Greyhound may change the auwful service to the passengers and get a new buses? In Mexico the bus service is AMAZING, Confortable, a lot the amenities, box lunch in several carriers and now the top carries using VOLVOS mostly, before used Mercedes Benz and Irizar… coach buses with 45 seats, first class with 42, bussines class with 32 to 36 and luxury class with 24 or 25 seats! Plasma screens, on luxury or bussines class every seat has a screen to music or movies to choose, 2 toilettes,

  13. yukSchmuck Says:


    No- that’s the cool thing about Greyhound. They will train you. Benefits- I don’t know. Consult the local hiring manager or review their website.

  14. Bigbottomboy Says:

    question i was wondering if you have to have a cdl before applying or well they help you get one? and what are the benefits

  15. Bigbottomboy Says:

    I have i am thinking about applying at greyhound do i have to have a cdl when i apply or will the help me get my cdl

  16. Chesterbarnes1 Says:

    What kind of money do they pay for this horrible life style?

  17. circusboy90210 Says:

    @brandondet one dui should not be a deal breaker, 2 or more shows a pattern not one . this is totally unfair to people that either really did not get a dui legall, or morally, or have changed their lifes and turned over a new leaf. everyone deserves a second chance.

  18. circusboy90210 Says:

    @circusboy90210 I know every single transportation worker in my town If I had been drinking too much I know how to park my vehicle somewhere overnight and get a ride home even if I don’t have any ca$h at the time .$40 is cheaper than losing my ability to make a living. really wish I knew how to contest this with a different lawyer and say it was a mistrial because my attourney did not do his job.

  19. circusboy90210 Says:

    @circusboy90210 and the ability to drive fraom 5 am to 11pm, (normal dui hours 6 am – 8pm and only for household reason , I drive for a living so got exception) cost $1,500 did not call any whitnesses , or ask about the intoxlizers operators operating license and when the last time the machine was calibrated blay blay , if the license is up to date, if the inspectors inspection license up to date, so you see there are reasons not to discriminate against a dui for life.

  20. circusboy90210 Says:

    @circusboy90210 was not read my miranda rights, not given the chance to goto a hospital and get an independant actual blood test, incarcerated over night though I was not intoxicated , showing any signs of beliigerence, boisterancy, or anything associated with being drunk or intoxicated, retained the services of the towns most reputable dui attourney, he told me open shut you have a rock solid case, got to court and he folded like a lawn chair, barely kept my license with restrictions on cdl,

  21. circusboy90210 Says:

    @circusboy90210 5 different taxi services, 4 limo companies, 45′ long river boat, piper cub (45 minutes), water supply truck for rainbow festivals, owned over 60 different sports cars, various motorcycles (lost count), false and malicioys procesuted for a crime that was not commited, not allowed to see what the digital read out read on the intoxilizer 5000, there is a print out unit on the machine and the officer wrote a completely different number down than the machine probably read.

  22. circusboy90210 Says:

    @circusboy90210 I’ve driven full size 56 pax tour busses, 45 pax humvees, 42 pax escalades, super stretch 15 pax, 9 pax stretch, town cars, 3 pax mercedes s class, strech town car presidential edition, owned many licoln town cars, 25 pax mini bus, (hotel to hotel, and airport shuttle both types) owned my own airport car service, class 8 18 wheel truck(brand new freightliner after cdl school) , 24′ moving trucks, 18 wheeler crate truck for moving companies, airport super shuttle diesel 15 pax van

  23. circusboy90210 Says:

    @cdubois13 I own an ice cream truck. really wierd thing about some cdl jobs. the employer only request a local drivers report , not everyone uses daq. . so it’s very possible that some company’s not even know you have a dui. it’s the insurance that screws you up, not the employers lack of confidence. Most people are aware that not all dui’s are bad. Illegal arrests, happened in personal vehicle (may have only had 2 glasses of wine), colusion between officers. many way’s to have a false dui.

  24. yukSchmuck Says:


    Well, I’m behind you, and imagine it was a little slip in your own personal vehicle. I’m just being real, and as far as i know, will be a challenge to get any CDL job.

  25. circusboy90210 Says:

    @yukSchmuck known a few people to keep their jobs driving with a dui it’s a insurance cost thing not a legal issue. all company’s have different issues.however I don’t see what my so-called past transgressions have to do with it. airline pilots get jobs after dui’s, thoseare 747′s. People have propensity to change, past performance though a good indicator of future performance is not a guarantee. I’ve payed my debt to society, every body deserves a second chance.If I have to I”ll buy my own job

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